CMS Mobile

CMS Mobile

CMS Mobile is a full-featured client application for remote access to NetStation and Net Hybrid server applications. Application is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms and is designed to use on the smartphones and tablets.


Your CCTV available in every part of the world


Thanks to CMS Mobile app you can have access to your monitoring systems from every part of the world, without any restrictions.

Unlimited number of connected servers


CMS Mobile allows for simultaneous operation with unlimited number of servers. All your locations in one plays, just one touch away.

Lista serwerow
jakość obrazu

Best picture quality


CMS Mobile automatically adjust stream quality to quality of your connection, picture is in best available quality, even in HD.

PTZ controll from within your smartphone/tablet


CMS Mobile app allows you for PTZ control from within your smartphone/tablet, with clear on-screen menu. Using a PTZ function never was easier.


kod QR

Add servers easily using QR codes


Adding new servers to Address Book was never easier, you just need to generate QR code and use import tool to read it to get all server settings in a matter of seconds, without tedious rewriting.

Advanced alarming system


CMS Mobile app works in background and doesn\'t download any data related to video streaming, but you can setup for any server and any camera a special alarm which will notify you by sound or vibration about certain event.



Extremely intuitive interface and enhanced functionality provides an efficient and fast access to Alnet Systems VMS servers from anywhere worldwide.

CMS Mobile can run in the background which allows normal smartphone or tablet use. During background mode, the application does not receive the video stream, but only alarm notifications.

In case of incoming alarm event, the user is notified by sound or vibrations with possibility to quick view of corresponding camera.

Such solution provides continuous monitoring of remote servers without blocking access to standard mobile device features and unnecessary data transfer.

Quick export / import of server data by QR code helps to quickly create the address book without the need of entering the data manually.

Key features:


  • Unlimited number of server connections
  • Up to 64 cameras on one screen
  • Auto-switch to alarm camera
  • PTZ control
  • Digital I/O control
  • Digital zoom
  • Remote access to the video archive
  • Full support for HD cameras

CMS Mobile Windows Phone:



Current versions
CMS Mobile for Windows Phone 8 / 8.1


CMS Mobile for Android



CMS Mobile dla iOS



CMS Mobile Windows Phone User Manual 26-11-2014  
CMS Mobile Android User Manual 26-11-2014 PDF
CMS Mobile iOS User Manual 26-11-2014 PDF