CMS HUB is a server software designed for data gathering generated by VMS / NVR (NetStation / NetHybrid HD), PRS (ANPR), NET POS (Point of sale), Net Access (access control) and security systems, fire protection systems or others cooperating with VMS / NVR servers. Application works as Windows internal service and also supports MSSQL database. Basic version of MSSQL “LocalDB” is combined with CMS HUB - installation and configuration processes are fully automated.


Data gathered by CMS HUB are shared and visualized in client application - CMS Professional 4. CMS HUB integrates also a server proxy module, which is used as proxy in communication between client stations and VMS/NVR system. If VMS/NVR software is avaiable in WAN network, then there is no need to give access to the internet to client stations, they can connect to video servers via CMS HUB thanks to proxy function.

Below diagram describes how system works.



Available Software Versions


Version Description Licence type
CMS Hub 256 Supports up to 256 cameras in system Free
CMS Hub 512 Supports up to 512 cameras in system Paid
CMS Hub 1024 Supports up to 1024 cameras in system Paid
CMS Hub UL Unlimited number of cameras support in system Paid

Basic functionality of CMS HUB:

  • Central recorders (VMS/NVR) list
  • Global users list
  • Proxy module
  • Event list from recorders
  • Task scheduler
  • Reports module
  • Access control module

CMS HUB contains recorders list, which may be combined into groups. VMS/NVR recorders sends periodical reports to CMS HUB with the status presented on the list: 

  • State (online / offline)
  • Application running time
  • System running time
  • Recordings duration
  • Reserved disc space
  • Used disc space

CMS Professional 4 clients stations are able to connect to video recorders in order to video preview (live/archive), browsing events locally stored on recorder (LPR, VCA, POS), recorders settings.

Data stored by CMS HUB:

  • VMS/NVR state on/off
  • Link down with VMS/NVR
  • Camera: signal lost, tampering (depending on hardware)
  • Input/Output alarms
  • Users: logging user to recorder
  • System: system time changes, critical errors (file system errors, bad sectors e.t.c.)
  • Video backup complete
  • Operational recorder’s errors
  • Configuration changes
  • Module contributes browsing of all stored events by many filters
  • Critical errors are additionally marked on the list
  • Additional system events (sent to CMS HUB) can be created in order for local recorders events (POS, VCA, LPR etc.)

Reports module is used for statistical data presentation. Data is gathered from clients VMS/NVR to CMS HUB and its available for local browsing. Reports include also:

  • POS: value of sold products by the name, cashier, number of merchandise scans, cancelled transaction per cashier
  • LPR: counters of passing cars
  • VCA: number of detection alerts for relevant types of events
  • Task scheduler module
  • Availability to run certain action users configurable (run program, e-mail sending) in response for particular event s from recorders
Current versions


Advanced server managment application is designed for PC based systems with Windows 8.1 / 10 64-bit





CMS HUB quick start guide  15-04-2018 0.9.39  PDF