VCA Module

VCA Module

VCA Module is advanced video analysis add on to NetStation software which consist 5 different packages of video analytics. With our software you can use video analytics with analog and IP cameras, independent from camera capabilities. You can run up to 32 cameras with our build in analytics on single PC. VCA licenses could be purchase in packages consisting 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 channels.

VCA Modules are available in 5 different packages. All are described in table below.



VCA Module VCA Presence VCA Count VCA Surveillance VCA Advanced VCA Professional
Tamper detection          
Camera shake elimination          
Surveilance tracker          
Presence filter          
Enter/Exit, Appear/Dissappear filters          
Object class and speed filter + calibration          
Direction and dwell filter          
Tail-gating filter          
Abandoned object filter          
On-screen counters          
Object meta data          
People tracker          
Counting line          
Color filter