New versions of NetStation / NetStation Enterprise, CMS 4, CMS MAC and CMS HUB are available.

The current version is

A list of changes:'

LIB_DEVICE - improve readability of "debug traces" for HIKVISION ISAPI cameras
APPS_NET - QDvrSchedulerEvent: do not trigger action based on alarm. There may be a loop where a DVR event triggers an alarm action (i.e. a DVR event of the 'Alarm' type) that triggers another alarm action, etc.
APPS_NET - QSmtpScheduler: don't try to send email if job scheduler action is not configured.
APPS_NET - extension of the timeout of the LPR event in QLprLinkedEventManager. Detection may start earlier than, for example, the start of refueling.
APPS_NET - prevent the potential accumulation of an infinite number of LPR events in QLprLinkedEventManager; eg AI Box and Hikvision camera do not send "LprEventEndNotify" notification.
APPS_NET - download LPR event pictures also after calling the "Show details" action (ie showing QLprDetailsWidget).
LIB_DEVICE - also add VCA event type to ONVIF camera events.
LIB_DEVICE - correct handling of ONVIF events with "IsInside" and "IsTamper" parameters set to "false". These are just configuration events sent as soon as you start your subscription.
LIB_DEVICE - minor fix
LIB_DEVICE - improved reading of the received data format in the handling of Hikvision ISAPI events.
LIB_DEVICE - corrected source number from DVR events for Dahua cameras.
LIB_DEVICE - appending screenshots to LPR Hikvision events.
LIB_DEVICE - fix the blocking of the main VDR-S.exe thread with RTSP errors
APPS_NET - correct default mapping of joystick keys in TextMode (1234567890 -> 0123456789) to be compatible with Axis joystick
APPS_NET - fix the bug: the axis joystick does not work after disconnecting and reconnecting the CMS4 client
 - added support for LPR events in Hikvision cameras (registration number only);
 - corrected source number from VCA events for Dahua cameras.
APPS_NET - roll back the earlier hotfix [28030]. "PlateNumber" is not always appended to NumberOk data, unlike "Plate".
APPS_NET - NumberOK: read the array number from "PlateNumber", not from "Plate" (parameter marked "deprecated").
APPS_NET - improved retrieval of related LPR events for POS events.
APPS_NET - RTSP server configuration visible in the "CMSHubConfig" application.
APPS_NET - minor fixes in QVcaDatabase
APPS_NET - build fix for macOS.
APPS_NET - cutelyst upgrade to version 3.1.0
APPS_NET - minor fixes
APPS_NET - corrected "(item not configured)" names for some actions and scheduler events.
APPS_NET - the minimum number of seconds of additional recording in the scheduler action "DVR recording" set to 1 (since setting it to 0 crashes a warning).
APPS_NET - Don't show empty type in VCA event type list.
LIB_DEVICE - fix for parsing Hikvision ISAPI events. We do not process any further data if the event type cannot be determined.
APPS_NET - minor fix
APPS_NET - the ability to define the size and quality of the image in the "Upload screenshot to FTP" action configuration.
APPS_NET - correct reading of the "keep aspect ratio" option when handling the "SnapshotGet" command.
APPS_NET - do not download the entire VCAcore configuration again after invoking the "VcaCoreSetConfig" command in the configuration view.
APPS_NET - fix for sending excessive number of signals by QDoorComboBox.
APPS_NET - fixes to configuration of "DVR recording" task schedule action by CMS4 client.
APPS_NET - initial number of motion windows for Hikvision Isapi cameras set to 8.
APPS_NET - minor fixes
APPS_NET - minor comment fixes
APPS_NET - read information about the change of the status of the object tracker from the VCA-Core metadata.
 - extracting the start and end of an event from the VCA-Core metadata.
 - removing the update of the end time of VCA events in the database by the "VcaEventUpdateNotify" command (it further updates the medatdata). This was introduced for AI Box events, but makes it practically impossible for the "occupancy counter" to function correctly; VCA events from AI Box will just have the same start and end times.
HARDWARE_MONITOR - do not show results for motherboards (gives incorrect readings)
CMS - correct reading cms.highdpi parameter from cms.ini. Previously creating a separate read-only QApplication for this parameter caused some errors when creating a SingleApplication object later
APPS_NET - slight optimization for refreshing the channel list in the configuration view of the VCA-Core server.
APPS_NET - reading the class of the recognized object from VCAcore metadata with "DL Object Tracker" enabled.
APPS_NET - minor fix